[Diary omonom] Ichiro ramen at AEON MALL BSD

back to blogging again! 
i really missing to write at my blog (T^T) i have so many scheduled for my study, so i dont have spare time to write in my blog... cry...

but tonight i want to write again!! finally i write again.. /cry/

so tonight i will write with english, because i just want it. LOL 
forgive me for bad grammar in my post, still learning about that! hehe~ 

i want write about food! yeah, finally diary omonom is back! 

in few months ago i went to AEON mall at BSD city and i try to ate at Ramen village in 3rd floor 

so many ramen store at there, but only one have so many queue. yeah, its ichiro ramen~ 

lucky me when i came, there's still have seat for 2 person~ so i cant wait again for long~ hehe 

ok when i sit down, there's in my table~ 
have antiseptic, bell for call, tissue, chopsticks,and other seasoning like chilli pepper
soy sauce,etc 

i ordered ocha~ 
its cute bottle, and the greatest it can be refill~ 

The interior~ 
adorable lamp <3

my table is near from the kitchen,
so i can see the chef cook noodle and the waiter and waiters very buzy~
oh! almost forgot, i came here at weekend, so its really crowded and hectic! 

so crowded right? so many people eat at there! 

part 2

they have children seat for baby or under 5 years~ 

Part 3

part 4 
(^^) (waiting for my ramen....)

sneak peak the seasoning~ 
i have dry chili, actually i like chili powder or chili sauce
don't be afraid! they have all kind of chili LOL 

can you see 4 big bottle ocha for refill?
just bell the bell and waiter will refill your drink! 

Finally the ramen! 
its jigoku ramen~ you can choose chicken or pork in here before you order
and they have half boiled egg, wakame, chicken (i order chicken), and the noodles~ 

and this is curry ramen~ 
looks similar with jigoku ramen, because the red soup~
the topping is same, have eggs, chicken, wakame and the noodles~

curry ramen is so good~ 
you can eat 2 different kind of food in 1 food! 
the soup is not to thick so its not make me stop eat this!!

and the jigoku ramen.
its really delicious too! 
the taste is similar,but this not use curry
still great ramen too! 

and we can have refill noodle <3 
1 refill for 1 bowl~

anyone starving now? ehehehe

and we full! 
sorry its to messy (>,<)

ok, go to the review~
this is have great ramen! the taste so light and have add refill too! 
oh, before you order, waiter will ask you about meat (chicken/pork), noodle (size), and when the refill come. with the food or you call waiter to add refill

the cost is reasonable, its 60.000 IDR or +-500 yen (^^) not include the ocha, ocha is 10.000 or 12.000 IDR i forgot /sorry/

its sure!!! i will comeback to eat at ichiro again!! 

if have a question, you can ask me in comment below or my social media ^^ 
that's enough for tonight.. i'm going to be starving now, hehehe

see you in the next post~


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