Star trek the exhibition jakarta

good evening all~
hyaa very long day i cant post in here~!!

i want to share my activity when i go to star trek the exhibition jakarta~
actually im work in here~ and i have spare time... its that i take another picture and share to you who's not coming ~

enjoy it ^^*

star trek ~!! 

ticket in~ ure can choose what packet do you want to buy 

have a photo area~ 
some people take a pic in the green creen ^^*

if u from front gate~ u will see it 

REAL screenplay who the actor and artist use ~
im very glad to touch this script 

11 movie posters

the concept art~

Real uniform that main character use at this film
5 captain uniform at 5 different serial star trek >,<)


another alien from star trek


another uss enterprise~!!
have voyager ship and deep space nine ^^V

uss eneterprise bridge~

favorite spot~!! transporter room ~!!


im very happy i can work in this place~ im already miss this place~ 

now star trek the exhibition is CLOSED.. all of stuff will send to america again~ and this place will gone

thankyou for visited~!! enjoy it ^^

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