spend my holiday at DUFAN

hallo~ happy holiday all~
i have so bored at home, is that i with family go to dufan~
very happy i play at there~!!

happy HOLIDAY~ my new stocking ~ love it!!

selca before arrived~


pleaseee forgive ma weird stye~

i made annual pass free until 1 years~its 280k IDR

my annual pass~ hyaaa~ READY FOR PLAYY


selca aagainn

in KORA-KORA.. really scared when im in top~

meet my new friends~ 
really enjoy play ICE AGE ~!!


i never play this game~

cup of tea~

I think to be here ~
I actually played very many games that are here.

but I just, took some photos ~
I hope you all also a fun vacation place ~ !!

oh, most games I like is hallilintar ~
very exciting ...


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