[REVIEW] Innisfree Facial Foam

good morning
I finally wrote back (laughs)

a few weeks ago, I bought facial foam on the Internet
finally arrived ~ usefulness of this soap is to get rid of acne

after a few weeks I tried it, my acne really lost!
but unfortunately, this soap can not remove stains acne scars.
because I also have a lot of acne blemishes (cry)

Innisfree bija anti-trouble facial foam. so big in my hand~ 


if you bought it, this soap definitely sealed from the outside. 
because I have not had a chance to wear it first and take a picture ~ 
but it also sealed section. 
be careful if you buy a new inner and outer but not sealed.

the textured, so silky 

actually, i can read it >,< but i cant translated it~ must have with dictionary (cry)
i must try the best for learning korean language~!! 

its so big, because its have 150ml.

when I wear it, I have acne on the forehead. 
after a few days, I think acne has disappeared ~!! 

like I said, it is unfortunate because these soaps can only get rid of acne. 
so I had to buy some other beauty treatment to remove my scars ~

I thought I'd write it up here ~ this is already too much (laughs) 
I did not think to make a beauty blog. I just wanted to tell what I've been wearing 
and this may be useful in selecting facial foam to remove acne 

thank you 

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2 komentar:

  1. thanks for the review :3
    actually it's good and i really want to buy it too~ <3

    1. thankyou for your comment~
      you dont regret if buy it~