my photosession~ >,< me as akiyama mio

hellow~ waaa... so long i cant post anything at home......
finally, i upate about ma cosplay.. hahaha

i become as akiyama mio from K-ON (summer version) ~ i think i will try the best for ma makeup and ma cosplay ~!!
i have doing my new cosplan~!!! please waiting, and stay tune at ma blog >,<

iam so very, thankyou for ma kameko~ ARCAPT
he so great and talented >,<
anyway, lets see ma photo <3

 me as haruka suenaga~ hahaha >,< i very love it~
  photo thanks : husky photography
(arcapt friends ) 

 shyy~~ >////,////< why ma foot so bigg???

 who want to hug me? ahahaha XDD

 this pic so great.. like dont me LOL ~ XD

 great background.. its first time i go to taman ismail marzuki~
this place so greattt >,<

 uuukhh~ dont intimidate mee >,<

thankyou for visiting~!! dont forget to gimme a comment <3 

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