[REVIEW] veryme eyeliner

good afternoon ~
I finally re-post this blog ~

Now I will review the eyeliner you've just become a member of my family ~ this is not a beauty blog, I'm just a fad. because it looks like a beauty blog is booming LOL

brand is veryme, he referred to in oriflame
I tried to buy the brand ~
and the results are not too bad

Please enjoy my posts ~

 VeryMe eyeliner, so small~

 veryme eyeliner have 3.5 ml

 the brush have so thin, its make eyeliner easier~

 No flash

 with Flash

very easy to fade!
I use my hands to remove

and now I will give a little review about the weaknesses and strengths

strength : - easy to use
              - quick dry
              - cheap (love it) 
weakness : - difficult to use, because the handle is too small
                  - NO waterproof
please give comment ~!! XD

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