poses at taman ismail marzuki

5th of november ago, I did a photo session.
I did a photo shoot in Ismail Marzuki Park ~

where there are very nice ~
I became Akiyama mio ~ and unpredictable. I also became haruka suegana!!

please enjoy

 at Ismail Marzuki park! so awesome park!!

 preparing our costume XD~

 love this place! 


 makeup at toilet~ hehe.. iam candid XD

 i dont use wiggy~ XD 

 hello~ iam MIO~

 READY to poses XD~!!

 I did a photo shoot separately (cry)

 make another photo shoot at different place~ 

 so great pic~ 
kanata : ICHIGOO
photo thanks:  HUSKY PHOTOGRAPHY

cute! another photo shoot~!! 
Haruka : evian lie
kanata : ichigoo
photo thanks : husky photography

 our epic otsukare LOL~ want try this AGAIN XD

 its so have fun~ sorry my photo dont publish, 
so i cant post my photo at my blog~ 

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