meet and greet with YING TZE at "japan matsuri" Pluit village

good afternoon ~ Nonoka here ~!!
  now I will post when I went to an event called japan matsuri
 event was held Saturday's  yesterday ~

I was delighted to meet so tze ying!
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 japan matsuri at pluit village~!!

 ying tze banner~!! i feel i want to get out at my home 

 iam first visitor~ all lamp is turn off lol


 no people

 no people part.2 

 all the lights are lit ~!! but no person

 all the stores were getting ready

 no people at food court~!!

 top of mall

 iam ready to meet ying tze~

 iam become midori tokiwa from tamako market

 ready for meet ying tze~!!

 want meet ying tze~!!

 lunch at hokben~!! its cheap~ only 25.000 IDR


 are in the queue meet and greet tze ying ~!! she is inside XD

 long line to meet with tze ying

 funny stuff on sale there

 i love this banana~!!

 cute bear XD


 kawaii uchiwa~

 haunted house~ so crowded XDD

 exit haunted house :)

 The main stage

 junkoo~!! ehehe

 the song is good XD

 visitors who were in the mall ~

 ying tze and pinky luxun~ so cutee.. 
they will go down to the bottom to find some cosplayers

 want nose bleed~!!
 happy maxx~!!

 and I do not believe ~!!
 I was called up on stage and be photographed with tze ying and pinky Luxun

 with pretty izumi and cute junko

happy i meet koshinko maids ~!! #hugall

 finnally i go home at 17.30 pm XDD
so tired~ but funn

a gift that I can from there
I'm very happy because getting photopack of ying tze ~
and I also get his autograph

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