Takanashi rikka photo session ~

goodnight ~!! I am finally able to write again in this blog (laughs)

I will do my cosplay photoshoot
ie ~ Rikka Takanashi summer version XD
its place is in Menteng park (taman menteng) . This probably is the most famous place to hold shoot cosplayers.

please look and do not forget to comment ~

 I was waiting for my friend at the seven eleven
(atmosphere inside)

 someone can't dispose of their waste in the trash

 yes~ we arrived XD

 fountain ~ but not on


 ready for makeup and use wiggy at seven eleven near TAMAN MENTENG XD~

 inside seven eleven near taman menteng~ have photo studio lol~

 taman menteng is the cross of seven eleven~ i taken photo at seven eleven 2rd floor 

 ready for poses 

 高梨 リッカ。

 i dont have same shoe with rikka lol~ 

 in seven eleven XDD 

 yeahh~ its taman menteng XD

Ready  for photo session part.2 

 I forgot, my  twin also did a photo shoot ^ ^ 

 izumi photo shoot ~!! 

hello~ iam kamego lol 

make photoshoot at basement XD  


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