my friendsign~!!

goodnight XD
 , now I want to tell a very good cosplayer, which would give me friendsign ~!!

This special, because they are cosplayers from outside Indonesia (happy)
Come on, let's see who they are XD
 sHe specifically made ​​it for me ~!!
she was saffron, I can dream can friendsign like this from her lol ~ (fly) 

 she is pretty Asuna alo ~!! she is Kurumi red

she is cosplayer  from taiwan, I'm very lucky to get her  friendsign~!! 

 she is my beautiful friend ~ this is HOOYA, cosplayers from south korea.

She was beautiful, kind, and she was very nice cosplay ~
I'm also very happy to get out of her friendsign 

 This mayuyu aah ~ ~!! I can friendsign from AKB48 member Watanabe mayuyu ~!! LOL

but she was natumi ~ cosplayer from taiwan, she is really similar to mayuyu
I am delighted to friendsign of her
(I'm always happy if it gets firendsign from anyone) 

natumi is the twin mayuyu LOL ~ 

he is dou fu ~!! cosplayer from taiwan!!!!
gorgeous cosplayer, and a very great

I love her  hatsune miku  ~! 

maybe you confused, why I had them make 2 names, "Eriva" and "Nonoka"

Eriva it is my real name ~!! lol ~ 
please give comment ~

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