AFA ID 2013 day 2 ~!!

good afternoon ~ forgive me because I rarely write on this blog (laughs)

I'm very happy because finally I can go to afaid day 2 ~
there it was very crowded and I almost could not walk.
there I met with a lot of cosplayers
The most enjoyable and again, I get coscard of Reika,  ying tze  and angie XDD

I got shaky hands took their coscard
thank you, you are really good ~!!

These are some photos that I managed to get. indeed there is a blur (crying)

Please enjoy

 Ying tze and angie ~!! hate because this photo is blur~ 

 Rikka, and yuuta with cute girls seifuku XD 

with angelian hirawan , she is great singer ~ i love her sounds XD

 with cute asuna, and my friends

 take a picture with angelina again XDD

 with phin aphin XDD ~! ! finally i can take a pic with him XD


 with sena asakaze~ she is contestant of haruhi suzumiya at AFA ID 2013

 with yuune akira ~ she is very cute 

 REIKAA~ why you re pic blurrr???? (cry)


 with evian lie ~ cute mirai suenaga sister XD

 with chiyo aikawa ~ the GOU is kawaii #hug

 KANAME XDD youre s ikemen~!!

 with sherry miyano as misaka~ dont wrong to spell MISAKA =  MIKASA

and the last my big present ~!! its DANNY CHOO sign <3 XDD him write my name 
i want to crying~ and pray to thanks GOD XD

 thank compassion has seen this blog. do not forget to comment

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