happy with our

hello, long time no post on this blog,
yesterday, Sunday, I went for a photosession

This is still a secret> o <
but I am very senag was there, a lot of new friends who are very fun ~!!

moreover they also cosplayers like me

 iam become OHANA , with lovely chitanda eru 

 with the cutest in kagamine 

 i feel i want to melted~!! she so cutee>o<

 with ikemen len kagamine =w=

 with my fotagoo~ cute midori.. iam cute too??

 with mio akiyama out of chara~ >v<)V 

 akiyama its really out of chara =o=) but iam happy~!!

 with pretty cure~!! whoa, iam really amazing see her hair~ its too same with the chara 

 with hatsune miku, she face make me envy, especially her nose =____=

and, now with sasuga cosplay... yukitora keiji~~whoaa, she so cute

iam sorry with my grammar english so bad~ xox)

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