my wiggy is arrived~!! on this month

good morning ~
I'm looking forward to finally wig arrived safely at my house (haha)

My wig is a wig ohana message Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha)
Araragi tsukihi (nisemonogatari)
after the wig up, I just focus specifically my 2nd wig with it ^ ^

because I already have the costume ohana, maybe I will use in the next event ^ ^

if Araragi tsukihi ~ (epicface)
may still take some time, so that I could use in the event ^ ^

Please enjoy, please comment

 my araragitsukihi's wiggy its arrived~!!

 teaser~!! use ohana matsumae wiggy >,<

chara i want to cosplay it~!! :

how? I look forward to wearing their costume ya ~!! >, <
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