good afternoon ^ ^
today I want to post an event that will be held this week ^ ^

event is CLAS: H grand final to be included in the race WCS (world cosplay summit) held in Japan ^ ^

This event lasts on 22 and 23 June in the hall Kartini, Jakarta.

I may not be able to go there> o <) #sad 

for the finalists, there are some candidates who have been selected, and will follow the final clash at the event later

and here's a few finalists ^ ^
Who do you like?

Ticket Info CLAS: H 2013 Grand Final
June 22, 2013 @ Balai Kartini

check it out:
Tickets CLAS: H can now be purchased in outlets Ramen 38 ...

check: ラーメン 38/43192544008

so, who will come??

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