Anibee festival japanese 4 season event

besides event CLAS: H this week there was also an event that does not less interesting as well ^ ^

is ANIBEE ^ ^

21-23 June 2013, the swimming stadium parking Senayan, Jakarta

- Anibee workshop: cosplay, Gunpla, and manga
- Movie festival
- Cosplay Anibee ambassador hunting
- Bands competition
- Dance competition
- Manga creator competition
- Bazaar
- Games
- Many more

Our workshop fillers come from japan and singapure

Special Appearances:
- Chik_En_Katsu
- Henoheno moheji
- G Tactic
- Xshibuya
- Nice friday
- And many more

- Anibee Cosplay Ambassador Hunting:
Register and Casting directly to a Anibee Indonesian Ambassador 2013. Use your favorite Cosplay, and show your talent in front of the camera or upload your video to www.giliranmu Cosplay / channel / anibee
Anibee would you choose to compete in Anibee Fest 2013. (Gift of millions of dollars and a trip to abroad with Indonesia)

Indonesian Ambassador Anibee looking!
Contest begins on April 17, 2013 and will end with the final Anibee Festival in June. Ambassador Anibee elected will represent the various events with 1-year contracts.

Search criteria is
- Liked and understand about Anime.
- Those with the talent of singing (memorized songs - songs anime will be a plus point),
or have acting talent.
- Minimum age 16 years.
- Participants do not need to have acting experience in a professional, but if he is a cosplayer (Cosplay mean hobbies and their clothes and accessories worn makeup as characters in anime, manga, manhwa, fairy tales, video games, idol singers and musicians, and cartoons) then surely he experienced playing the character was wearing appropriate costumes.
Now's your turn! Show me the acting or singing abilities anime soundtrack by uploading a video on channel Anibee!

- Band Competition:
kmau register your band to win haddiah in Anibee fest 2013.
registration fee £ 150rb/band
band competition terms and conditions ..
Selection phase.
1. selection stage rendition mandatory.
2. obligatory song: - l'arc En Ciel: New world.
-YUI: Good Bye Days
-One Ok Rock: Ketsuraku Otomation
-The Gazette: Guren
3. the songs above shall be performed with your band version / re-arrangements to be in your band version.
4. Duration perfrom just 7 minutes.
5. Allowed to bring their own tools.
6. Committee will only provide standard band instruments (drum set, guitar, bass, and keyboards) beyond the equipment please bring your own tools.
7. at this stage there is no technical meeting.
8. direct participants come audition with a registration receipt, with the schedule and place as follows:
Day / date: Saturday, June 9, 2013
jl. pejaten No.40A highway (beside INDOMARET), market week, jaksel
Re-registration: pkl.09.00-11:00 pm (on time) if overdue list will be disqualified.
audition: 11:00-selasai
9. announcement that the band will pass this stage we umunkan on the day and the same location at 20:00 pm and the committee will contact the band who passed away.

- Dance Competition:
Dance group you register to win prizes in Anibee fest 2013. registration fee £ 100rb/Group
1. At least 3 org / group
2. Music that used to perform, compulsory japanese song
3. Max duration. 5 minutes
4. Semdiri bring music in the form of mp3, d within FD, (there is only the music that akn d turn, cut no other files)
5. Assessment points: costume, performance, power, expression, compactness etc. ..
6. Tekhnikal Meeting:
June 16-week
GOR-space secretariat trupala Bulungan
-11.00 - finished
7. The participants are required to submit the data of music at the time tekhnikal meeting.

HTM can be obtained with the right online, please refer to d / anibee
ticket prices: 1 day Rp. 50,000
3 days Rp. 100,000
Contacts person:
Anibee Cosplay Ambassador Hunting - Adit 08998875553
Band Competition - Ferry / June 08999140869
Dance Competition - Egi 0821102298608
Bazaar - Natya 08128157757

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