hello ^ ^
after koshinko leg.1 finished .. then, it has been held koshinko leg.2 ^ ^

I still participate in the show ~

The second is also very fun and very exciting ^ ^

here's my current activities are in koshinko leg.2 ^ ^

oh, and also in this leg.2 there are also some new maid
and certainly very moe>, <

please enjoy

 kana is always cool >,< iam very like it..

kawaii chiyo~!!

so pretty kairi~~

 our new maid~ megumi chan so kawaii ^^ and so glamour~

 muehehehehe~ its me and my twin ^^ we take photo together.

 our first place at koshinko leg.1 so cuteee

 akii~ so cuteee 

 our imoto at koshinko^^ she very imoto~~

 kupooo~ our tsundere meidoo~

 our diagram .. 

 yaaay~ aki and yuuki ~~

 who wants to be spoon-fed by kairi?

 our meido~

 tea being poured

 ichigoo and yuuki~

with costumer cute~!!

 day 2 with chiyo~

day.2 with yuuki~

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